Company-sponsored Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) started in the 1950's mostly to address alcoholism among workers. Today, this program has expanded to help employees cope with a broad number of work related and personal problems.

EAPs give employees a process by which to work through their emotional and psychological issues. Such programs generally improve and enhance work performance. For every corporate dollar spent on EAP programs, the yield has been estimated to range between $5-$16.

Too many driving issues can be traced back to an attitudinal problem ....and the recidivism rate is high. PAL has been a long-time advocate of EAPs for fleet drivers because there is so much for all to gain.

The notion of "counselling" for fleet drivers is a paradigm shift. As a matter of fact, most EAPs have to be trained to address the problem of driving issues, although it is encompassed within their mission of job performance improvement.

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